Tom Brady Suspension: A Complete Story

Tom Brady Suspension Moments
Tom Brady Suspension Moments

Tom Brady Suspension for Four Games



Tom Brady suspension has defamed both Tom Brady as well as New England Patriots. There was a strict action taken by National Football League against Tom Brady and Patriots.

The National Football League declared a statement on Monday in which Tom Brady was suspended for four up-coming games of the season 2015. This whole scenario is called ‘Deflatigate’. Some footballs were deflated in a championship match against Indianapolis during AFC Championship. Not only Tom Brady was affected by this ban but also Patriots was also fined. The amount of fine was $1.

 Some Striking Facts on Tom Brady Suspension

Tom Brady Suspension News on CNN
Tom Brady Suspension News on CNN

The action taken against Brady was surprising because in Wells Report on this incident both Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick were announced not guilty. Furthermore, Patriots owner Kraft has said that his team will not fight in the court if NFL imposes any discipline onto his team.

Tom Brady has attempted to try lessening his punishment that NFL has imposed on him on 23rd of June. But it didn’t work and his suspension was confirmed. .

Robert Kraft and Belichick’s Comments on Tom Brady Suspension

Wednesday, July 29

Robert Kraft and Belichick's Comments on Tom Brady Suspension
Robert Kraft and Belichick’s Comments on Tom Brady Suspension

In a press conference on Wednesday the owner of New England Patriots Kraft owner said that he thinks better to talk about yesterday’s NFL’s ruling that was imposed on Brady and Patriots.

He said that the ruling by the NFL was unexpected for him. Mostly it is required to collection solid evidence in this kind of situation. And found any of the evidence still there is a routine to lessen the penalty imposed on the subject. Now it’s been a time, but no evidence was wound that shows about tempering of PSI level Footballs. Still I believe that Tom Brady suspension was unfair because he was not guilty. That’s why I still support him

“First of all, I would like to apologize to our fans. It is because in the month of May I believed that I have provided so many evidences and NFL’s history. This will help NFL to review their ruling on Tom Brady, but I was wrong. They didn’t do anything that I expected.

By his words it is obvious that he realized about his wring believe in league. He was disappointed over the league’s ruling and thinking why he didn’t took the matter to the court.

Belichick was with Robert Kraft, but he was not even want to talk. It seemed he was satisfied with Kraft’s statement on this matter. He said, “Robert took care of other situation”. Belichick gave another statement “Tom had a statement. There’s nothing to talk about there.”

12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption” by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge

The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption
12:The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption

A new book as arrived in the market. It claims that the commissioner of NFL Goodell has offered Tom Brady a $1 million and the admission of new suspects in the scandal

The Goodell asked Tom Brady to announce an announcement. In that statement he will blame some former Patriots John Jastremski and Jim McNally for tempering the Footballs without his knowledge.

According to the ABC this the author of 12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption has included this in his book

The author wrote that in the response Tom Brady refused to do this. According to ABC the author wrote that Brady said to director of NELPA DeMaurice Smith that he will not blame anyone which he believes are not involved.

Celebrate Tom Brady’s legacy with Sports Illustrate commemorative issue

Tom Brady's legacy with Sports Illustrate

In a situation when Patriots were accused of using under un-flatted footballs, a new book written by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge was exploring the facts.

There is some other material in the book that show some tension between Tom Brady and the owner of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. This tension started when Kraft accepted Brady’s suspension in a press conference. Until now there is still a bitter tension between both even after a peace.

Tom Brady was in situation to avoid the suspension if he agrees to blame two other New England Patriots staff people.

He agreed to pay $1 million fine but didn’t blame two other staff members in the scandal. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had offered him that if he blames them he could avoid the suspension according to a report by ABC News.

Instead he refused to accept the offer and had a suspension of 4 upcoming matches.

The report by the ABC news is completely based a brand-new book 12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption. In this book the authors quote brady when he was telling NFL players Association executive director Mr. Demaurice Smith. Tom Brady was saying “There’s no way I’m gonna ruin these guys for something I believe they didn’t do.”

When someone asked a spoke person form National Football League something on this book he declined to say anything on this matter. Both Tom Brady and Patriots didn’t respond to the request for comment on ABC News report.

There is a lot of discussion on the tension between Brady and Kraft over this situation. This behaviour of organization on his suspension made Brady upset. But now they have resolve most part of this controversy.



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