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Tom Brady Instagram Posts and Comments


Tom Brady at press conference: Instagram


Tom Brady Instagram comments and posts are trending now a days. His post on Instagram are pretty cool. He comments on his fellow from the field. Also, he comments on other celebrities post.

Everybody knows that Tom Brady celebrated his 41st birthday. But still he is not ready to share his age with his friends from the field of football.

Social media tells us a different thing.

In the year of 2017 Tom Brady just joined Instagram. Before this he was using his Facebook account. Instagram is itself Facebook’s company. He used his account for following his fellow friends of the game and celebrities. This account was a dashboard for his family where they can see his special moments. He would share and react on final score of the game.

He posts his best moments photos. Also, he comments on other people’s posts. No matter how these posts or comments affect his future plans he cares nothing. His only purpose of post is to amuse his fellows. Moreover, these his posts and comments get his fans attention. May be this job makes some issues, but he continues commenting and posting.

Tom Brady gave an interview in January about social media. He said that he often comments on some post that he likes, or he thinks those post or comments will make someone smile.

That’s not bad. In this way we can see how nice he is.

Some of his social media friends say that he can be called “dad” as well as “savage”. According to his relatives from Minnesota it was just his good luck or good look that made him big.

If we analyze all his statements within one year or half a year we can say that all of above statements are true in any extent.

Tom Brady started commenting game within one month after the launching of his Instagram account. He also responded to his meme. He also bantered with David Beckham who was retired from the soccer.


Brady's comment on Bill Belichick: Instagram



When in a Patriot’s post Bill Belichick was praised by the word “GOAT”, Tom Brady commented on that, which best suits himself.


Tom Brady with Gisele Bundchen: Instagram

In May 2017, Brady passed his way to decide his hands in a picture with his wife, Gisele Bündchen in Mate Gala, to approve his fellow observers. “Hand position A +,” he wrote.

On the other hand, his comments in 2017 were mostly of supportive and gently written sentences. He mostly was over exclamatory in his comments.

When Roger Federer won the Wimbledon Tom Brady wrote “Well done! Amazing!”. He has twice commented on a post by Aaron Rodgers to wish the great recipient Randall Cobb a “Happy Birthday!” And he returned to the comments of the Green Bay Packers quarterback a month later to publish an emoji.

“Great picture !!!!!” Last January, Brady liked the patriarch posts of Chris Hogan, a large receiver of the attacker Josh McDaniel’s and Patriot after securing Super Bowl. He later sent back the “Federer” comments to congratulate the tennis legend for the second success of this month.

“Unreal!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!” he wrote.

There have been times when Brady’s comments have taken on a heavier tone, such as when he contributed to a post by LeBron James who condemned the treatment of a victim of sexual trafficking for murder.  Over the most then 20,000 comments on the post by James, the Brady’s response was only simple like this: “SMH.”


Tom Brady commented on Malcolm Butler's Instagram Post

He also appeared in the comments of Malcom Butler to show his support for him. Malcolm Butler is a Patriot’s cornerback.

His liked Malcolm’s post and commented as: “Love you Malcolm. You are an incredible player and teammate and friend. Always!!!!!!”


Tom Brady commented on Danny Amendola's photo with model Olivia Culpo on Valentine's day on Instagram

But it has not been a long time since the loss of the Super Bowl that Brady returned to his banal ways — from the end the texts of Odell Beckham Jr.’s lyrics in February. In the response to Brady’s comment “Fun!!!!!!” on his former Patriots target Danny Amendola’s photo with model Olivia Culpo on Valentine’s day he got 13 posts.

Despite his mistakes in off season, he has started facing the community. His post most recent posts show that he is now ready for the 2018 season.


Tom Brady commented on ESPN's post about his retirement

Last month in a post in ESPN there was some talking about his retirement he just commented “Curenta y cinco”. This is a Spanish word means 45. So, we can estimate from this comment that he has some plan to get retirement in next 4 years.

There is some exception with one of his comment that was very adult themed. This comment was on Barstool Sports meme. If seems by his comments in the last month that he is making himself prepared for next season.

Posted on His NFL’s official account. He says that 2018 is upon us. Brady thanked all his fellow players who voted for him.

When only six days were left in the training then Patriots official account posted this. Brady’s comment was this “2 days actually!


In the middle of preparing for the next season his “dad” behavior awakes in Instagram comments. Once NFL posted a video in which Ben Roethlisberger’s son was giving a pass to Antonio Brown’s son. In response to this video posted by the NFL Tom Brady only commented this: “Awesome.”

In a talking with Associated Press in the beginning of this year he said, “I want my pages to represent who I really am,”

“The messages all root back to who I am and how I try to live my life.”

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