11 Reasons Show That Tom Brady is GOAT

tom brady is goat: 3 super bowl mvps

Why Tom Brady is Goat?

So we are here get the answer that why Tom Brady is GOAT. But let me tell you that what is meant by GOAT. It’s not about an animal called goat. It is the abbreviation of Greatest Of All Times. Tom Brady the man with all intangibles, weather you love him or hate him, there is no one denying the greatness. He is making team pay for the passing years he has been drafted. After being the 7 super strong quarterbacks Michigan to winning 4 super bowls with the patriots Brady deserves a lot of praise.

Here I am giving you 5 reasons why Tom Brady is GOAT?

1. His Toughness:

Tom Brady is Goat: His Toughness


Because of the nature of position, the quarterback not always considered as tough guys but the tom brady is the toughest dude out there. Tom Brady gets utmost respect from the team mates when they are talking about his toughness. He put through multiple injuries that allows the people don’t realize that. Brady played through legitimate damage and he also damaged his hand that went swollen.

He also played through broken ribs and broken fingers at the same time. And this is what Brady said about that, ” I am feeling really good. Everyone breaks bones over the course of the year”.


Tom Brady is Goat: His Craziness

When people talk about Tom Brady and balls, always first start is ball but here the story is ironic.  It’s 2005

3.Unanimous MVP

Tom Brady is goat: Unanimous MVP

Is there any need to explain all that? He was the first unanimous vote of the first NFL MVP. No one has already done this, Brady took his team into an unusual regular season, even when he did not consent to MPP unanimously. I suspect that the community will make the same effect another player.

4.Four Rings

tom brady is goat: Four Rings

He is always compared with the super famous players of the game like Joe Montana, and Terry Bradshaw. Both Players and Brady are compared for most Super Bowl wins in the National Football League. Tom Brady has participated in 6 Super Bowl games and won 5 out of 6. So, he has 5 Super Bowl rings that are enough for his single hand.

5.Most playoff wins

tom brady is goat: most playoff wins

Till now he has won22 playoff games. If we think about the next player who was even close to Tom Brady, he is Joe Montana. He could only have managed to win 16 playoff games in his career.  Also, Brady has made this a series of wins. If we think about next player who can break his record he has to win 23 playoff games. And that is not an easy task for a player. There are many reason for this. One of the most striking reason is the total play duration. Brady is now 41. This is an extra ordinary thing in the game. He has 10 consecutive wins from the season 2006-2011.


tom brady is goat: uggs

Brady advertised Yug brand shoes and could not find any flack for it. Or instead, they could not get flacks as any other player. It was not the best moment of Brady now, but it was not his worst!

7.Most regular season wins

tom brady is goat: most regular season wins

If we think on technical point of view, both of the guys Peyton Manning and Brett Favre have beaten Brady. But let me explain that there is some difference Brady and others.  Tom Brady has won all these matches while he was in the same team New England Patriots. Brady has helped Patriots win 172 games in 16 seasons. As Brett Favre and Peyton Manning has retired so I expect that Brady will be able to make a record in next some seasons.

8.Six AFC Championships

tom brady is goat: 6 afc championships

Tom Brady has unbreakable record of winning 6 AFC Championships. He has appeared in 10 AFC Championships that is also a record.

9.Three Super Bowl MVP’s

tom brady is goat: 3 super bowl mvp

He was MVP in almost all of his Super Bowls but one of them was when he was in Patriots. Brady was mostly with Joe Montana.

10.B and B

tom brady is goat: brady and Belichick

No doubt Belichick is the best ever coach that NFL has. Further when there is a combination of Tom Brady and Belichick then they both are undefeated. They both were in most of Super Bowls. Off the field they are also good friends. Truly they are the cause of honor for New England Patriots.

11.Most games with 50+ points

tom brady is goat: most games with 50+ points

If someone is succeeded to make points over 50 it is awesome. But do you know Brady has done this eight times?

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